About me

About me



My name is Altrud Lübben and I founded this company in 2015 in Hamburg.
But born and grew up I am in the district of "Friesland" in North-Germany and thus also explains my company name "Die Woll-Friesen", because I have still a strong bond to my old country.

"Why Wool-Blankets?"

The love to this products was with my birth "placed with in the cradle". My  father started over 60 years ago with its own blanket-production, at the beginning with only a loom.
Gradually he has expanded the company at all stages of production with spinning, weaving, finishing and sewing. The small and medium-sized family business with about 25 employees is now after death of my father continued by my brother and he has focused exclusively on high-quality natural ceiling of 100% wool, camel hair, alpaca and cashmere.

My way led me in 1985 in the 200 km distant Hamburg, where I live with my husband and my kids and work. However, I have my favourite wish , to work with this products of the family-company, never realized to this time.

But 2016 I startet with a few select products as "Die Woll-Friesen" in the online sales - at first with the design line "Blaavand"!

Why "Blaavand"?

For more than 25 years we are passionate Denmark tourists and it's not hard to guess which place is our favorite! The idea for this striped coloured design was created during our stay in Blavand.

With the design line "Blaavand" We want to pass a piece of holiday feeling, which is intended to give comfort!

Denmark is the variety of colors of the beach and forests as well as the uncomplicated way of life of the inhabitants for us. Because: The Dane is "hyggelig" (cozy). And I think, that fits also regarding to our blankets!


In the Meanwhile, also other products have found their way to this store and I am looking forward to fill this page again and again with new information on new  ideas!

Such as the unique creations in the form of cushions, from various fabrics individually assembled and sewed professionally.

For the cold season we will have since the coming season in Winter 2016 special scarves, with a look of fringes on the long side of this!

If you have any questions about our products or you would like just to say "Hello", you are welcome to contact me via email or you can call me!

With best wishes

Altrud Lübben