Curtains (wool)

Curtains (wool)

Our manufacturer is producing wool-frieze curtains since many years. This product can be delivered in meter or it could be sewn for even specifically to your measurements, optionally with leather- or wool-edging in various sizes and colors.

If you are interested, please contact me via email or phone! In the following you will get an individual consultation and a precise calculation from our producer!

Very popular are our curtains as a separator between two rooms or as protection against the cold in front of doors. Offered are the variant "Wollfries", a soft compact wool- fabric and the variant "sealskin" a tighter rough structure.

Photos of examples will be provided soon, because of this is a season-item. If you are in this time interested, please contact me and I will ask for the colour, what is on stock.

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Product no.: VWF009-01


Product no.: VS009-02

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